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Ann & Nancy Wilson 1999-07-08 Pabst Theater Milwaukee, WI

Ann & Nancy Wilson
Pabst Theater
Milwaukee, WI.-7/8/99

Aud->Dat->CD-r->wav->Flac Frontend(level 6)->Flac->You

This was recorded at a the famous Pabst Theater in downtown Milwaukee. I got this directly from the taper along with a bunch of other shows I will be posting in the coming weeks. I think this one sounds terrific and I know that he had a very nice rig including some high-end mics which is pretty obvious on this one.


CD 1:

Dog & Butterfly
Citys Burning
Love Or Madness
Voodoo Doll
Mona Lisa And Mad Hatters
Sweet Darlin
Mon Cher
Hey Hey
Love Mistake
Nothing But Love
Even It Up
She Still Believes
These Dreams

CD 2:

Mother / Crazy On You Intro
Crazy On You
Love Alive
The Battle Of Evermore 


AC/DC 1977-09-03 Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA

ACDC 1977-09-03 Old Waldorf, San Francisco, California (killerwolf13 cassette transfer)

Contrast clause:
All the versions I've downloaded or have come across are only about 60 minutes with different cuts or fade outs or 2 sourced.
I personally bought this cassette from a DJ's garage sale in San Francisco. I took DETAILED notes & compared them to other versions of this show.

This may not be the best sounding version, but seems to me to be more complete version. Even without the encore/dj break. See detailed notes below.

I, killerwolf13 personally did the transfer from cassette to flac & wanted to share with other Bon Scott era AC/DC fans!

Check samples posted in comments.


Old Waldorf,
San Francisco, California
September 3, 1977

KSAN Radio Broadcast in San Francisco, California

(Unknown cassette generation if any)

TDK IECI/TYPE I Normal Position D90 minute cassette > Sony Power Drive Woofer player > CDWave > Flac > Dime Sept. 2012

Total time for show 71:33 minutes + 10:01 for interview 81:34 minutes.

01. upcoming shows & introduction    (00:53)*
02. Live Wire                        (06:56)
03. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be     (04:27)
04. Up To My Neck In You             (09:17)
05. Kicked in the Teeth              (05:04)
06. The Jack                         (11:46)
07. Whole Lotta Rosie                (05:23)*

(Tape Flip - no music missing)
08. High Voltage                     (06:28)*
09. Baby Please Don't Go             (09:55)
10. KSAN DJ crowd waits for encore   (05:15)*
11. Problem Child                    (06:04)*

Bonus track KSJO 1979-07-21 Live Wire Interview with Angus Young & Bon Scott, Oakland, CA July 21 1979

12. Interview 1979-07-21 Angus & Bon (10:01)


killerwolf13 bootleg notes.

I know there are MANY versions of this bootleg.

I could NOT find ANY info about a KSAN female DJ talking over the crowd during the encore.

Still trying to figure out if it was a live broadcast or a few days later.

I did my best on taking notes on the DJ's comments during the encore break to try to confirm the broadcast.

I also checked for errors or notes made by others on other bootlegs of this show.

I listened to "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be" in CDwave 10 times & could not see or hear any alter in sound & no slight repeated parts.

There is NO cut before  "The Jack" the only cuts I noted & listed detailed notes below.

There is No fade out of "Baby Please Don't Go" Song is complete & goes into 5 + minutes of crowd waiting for encore.

Which I made a separate track of the crowd waiting for encore with the DJ talk during the break.

Confirmation of 2nd night:
At the beginning of "The Jack" Bon says "Gonorrhea just had my 2nd dose. One Last night, one tonight."
AC/DC only played  2 nights at the Old Waldorf Sept. 2 & 3, 1977 in San Francisco.

-------------------------------track by track notes for this killerwolf13 VERSION-------------------------------------

*These are the only noted cuts below I could find, as I listened & watched the wav file in cdwave format when splitting tracks.

*Cuts into the house announcer on 1st track.
*Cut after "Whole Lotta Rosie" (cut due to tape flip) No music missing > "High Voltage
*After the 5+ minutes of the crowd waiting for the encore there's a cut > Problem Child

* 01. House announcer starts at "Tonight, I'd like to tell you what's coming up...announces many shows & then AC/DC >

* Right after "Whole Lotta Rosie" is the tape music missing

* Starts back with crowd & Bon saying "Donna?" > "This ones called High Voltage Rock & Roll" > High Voltage

Baby Please Don't Go - DOES NOT FADE OUT on this version. The only Fade out is after Problem child.

* KSAN female dj talks over the crowd who's waiting for encore. Confirms Old Waldolf...Long wait...Show brought to you by Atlantic Records.
DJ keeps talking while crowd waits...Bonnie Simmons today drawing earlier today which is going to be played back to us, actually this evening.
AC/DC at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco on KSAN...I guess they'll have to clap harder.
Bob MaClay said the Police were even having a good time at the Old Waldorf...How's your tape recorder? Mine's fine...
They're getting back on the stage AC/DC live at the old Waldorf brought to you by Atlantic Records.
DJ "Remember Woodstock?" then tape cut. >

* Bon "Thank You" Angus yells 'Get off your asses', Bon says 'Don't mind these seats, they're for standing on' before Problem Child.
after "Problem Child" > Bon "See you all later, Thank You" tape fades > ends

Talk about small clubs & then played 80,000 people today. Angus jokes with Bon of getting Old.
played Arizona 3 weeks ago for 2,000  & today 75,000 Day on the Green
New producer - Last studio lp Powerage 1 year since new album out.
Highway to Hell played at the Day on the Green show, even though lp wasn't out yet. Talk about "Get it Hot"

Interview could also be the same...just don't have it to compare at least I posted duration of tracks & interview:*DC-nom_album-C'Est_si_Bon-l-en.html

Cleveland, Music Hall 20.5 1979 - CDr - Soundquality: I´d rate this one 7 - 7,5 out of 10.
1. Live Wire - 2. Problem Child - 3. Sin City - 4. Bad Boy Boogie - 5. Highway To Hell - 6. She´s Got The Jack - 7. I´m A Rocker - 8. Whole Lotta Rosie
Bonus Tracks: 9. Live Wire Interview with Angus Young & Bon Scott, Oakland, CA July 21 1979 - 10. Clip with Angus Young 1984

Bonnie Simmons was mentioned during the crowd/encore break & I as trying to figure out if it was a LIVE broadcast or a rebroadcast a few days later.
Bonnie has been programming her mix of singer/songwriter folk, rock, soul, country, and R&B on KPFA since the late 1980’s. One of the best loved personalities of Bay Area music radio, she was raised in New York, and then moved to San Francisco from Denver in 1968 and became a pioneer of free form radio.
During her eight years, from 1970 to 1978, at the legendary KSAN, she was program music director and disc jockey.
After leaving KSAN, she worked at Warner Bros, promoting Prince as well as the first Dire Straits and Rickie Lee Jones albums, amongst others, and also worked at Hightone Records. She moved in and out of radio at KFOG, LIVE 105, KOFY-FM, KVRE, KDBK “Double 99” and KUSF.
As the Audio Director for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, she created the disc jockey audio exhibit and many of the exhibits involving sound at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.
On a local level, Bonnie spent several years working as a sandwich-maker at Ozzie's Soda Fountain in Berkeley, and currently hosts her eclectic weekly show on KPFA.
Bonnie managed the band Cake for eight years, and represented Noe Venable and Etienne de Rocher for many years. For the past nine years she has spent a lot of her time working on the three day free music festival in Golden Gate Park, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and currently serves as the Executive Director for the Bill Graham Foundation.


Prince #SAB 025-026 Gold Tour Finale

Gold Tour Finale

2 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 025-026
Disc Length : 70:23 / 73:04
Source : Audience Recording
Sound Quality : EX-
Year Of Release : 1997


Gold / Ultimate Live Experience Japanese Tour Finale
Arena, Yokohama
20th January 1996

Disc 1

1. Purple Medley   2. Endorphinmachine   3. Shhh   4. Days Of Wild - 777-9311   5. Now - Babies Makin' Babies   6. Race - Girls And Boys Jam   7. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World   8. Pussy Control   9. Letitgo   10. Starfish And Coffee   11. Michael B Drum Solo   12. The Cross   13. The Jam   14. One Of Us

Disc 2

1. Do Me, Baby   2. Sexy MF   3. If I Was Your Girlfriend   4. Vicki Waiting   5. Purple Medley   6. 7   7. Interlude   8. Billy Jack Bitch   9. Eye Hate U   10. 319   11. Gold

Lovesexy Tour Aftershow - Camden Palace, London : 26th July 1988 (am)

12. Six - Dead On It - Housequake

New Power Madhouse

13. (Got 2) Give It Up

Rosie O'Donnell Show : 7th January 1997

14. The Holy River

Love 4 One Another Charities Tour - Atlanta Live, Atlanta : 19th January 1997

15. Mr. Happy (including 18 & Over)

Neil S. Blaisdell Center, Honolulu : 16th February 1997

16. Santana Medley


The final night of the Japanese tour and the very last show of the Ultimate Live Experience tour. The Japanese leg of the tour was far removed from the European shows in the respect that far less emphasis is put on long, loose, funky jams. The tracks are performed slightly edited than the European versions, and more well known songs (although still no big 'P' hits) are performed. The show starts with 'Purple Medley' (full length version) played over the PA before the band come out for 2 extremely shortened versions of 'Endorphinmachine' & 'Shhh'. 'Days Of Wild' closes out with some funky bass playing from 777-9311, and the party proceeds through a great (but short) jam of 'Girls & Boys' over the backing of 'Race'. 'Starfish & Coffee' is performed as the 1995 revamped version with an extended outro incorporating Michael B's solo. 'Purple Medley' is performed live, with the help of some heavy backing tapes, however it is worse (if that's possible) than the actual studio version - a terrible audio experience. The remainder of the show is as was on the European leg with the exception of the lack of an Arabic intro to '7'. The performance, and the quality of the show lacks the grit and "fuck you" attitude of the March 1995 shows which made them so special - however that said, this is still a funky show with MORE than enough highlights. The sound quality, while being a little thin is overall worthy of a slightly less than excellent rating. The packaging is stunningly beautiful, however it is more style over substance as there is NO information about the show at all. Sabotage have also added bonus full length tracks from a selection of previous releases.


Tori Amos 1992-09-02 Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco, CA(early show)

Tori Amos
September 2, 1992, early show - incomplete
San Francisco, CA
at the Palace of Fine Arts

Source: Cassette from the collection of Wally Breese
Transfer: Transfer: TEAC W-1200 > Realistic 31-2020 10-band stereo equalizer (tape hiss lowered by lowering 8KHz) > Marantz Stereo Receiver SR940
> Line Out/In > Tascam DR-07 > SD Card > Card Slot > Copy wav to HD > CoolEdit Pro (append tracks, amplification, side B set both channels to left)
> CDWave (wav splitter) > Wavs > Trader's Little Helper > FLACs

Notes: Side B of the cassette was slightly overloaded on the right channel so I set both channels to left for that portion of the show.

01. Flying Dutchman
02. Crucify
03. story
04. Silent All These Years
05. Precious Things
06. Happy Phantom
07. Leather
08. improv >
09. Upside Down
10. story/intro to Whole Lotta Love/Thank You (cut)
[connection cut - rest of main set missing]
--First encore:
11. Assholes Are Cheap Today
12. Smells Like Teen Spirit
13. Mother
--Second encore:
14. China



Neil Young 1987-11-12 The Old Fillmore, San Francisco, CA(early+late)

 Today (November, 12) is the birthday of Neil Young. I would like celebrate this day with you, Neil and The Bluenotes. Enjoy!
Alex B.

Neil Young
The Old Fillmore, San Francisco, California

w/ The Bluenotes

Quality: **** (A to A+)

Lineage: CDR in a trade > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Artwork: yes

Early Show
01 Welcome To The Big Room
02 Find Another Shoulder
03 High Heel Shoes
04 Hello Lonely Woman
05 Ain't It The Truth,
06 Intro
07 Bad News Beat
08 One Thing
09 Your Love Is Good To Me
10 Sunny Inside
11 Life In The City
12 Soul Of A Woman
13 This Note's For You

Late show
01 Welcome To The Big Room
02 Find Another Shoulder
03 High Heel Shoes
04 Hello Lonely Woman
05 Ain't It The Truth
06 Intro
07 Bad News Beat
08 One Thing
09 Your Love Is Good To Me
10 Sunny Inside
11 Life In The City
12 Soul Of A Woman
13 This Note's For You
14 Don't Take Your Love Away From Me

Note: The first seconds of d1track01, have the volume something low.
From: (Thanks to Nathan Wirth)

Neil Young and the Bluenotes-- Old Fillmore, San Francisco, CA-- 11-12-87
I was fortunate to see one of the nights of Neil Young's small club Bay Area tour in Novemeber 1987. He played the same set twice-- and did it better the second time around. Check out how amazing the "This Note's For You" from the second set sounds! Neil was recording this tour for an album that he was going to release, but never did-- deciding instead to release mostly studio material.

SET ONE: / Welcome To The Big Room / Find Another Shoulder / High Heel Shoes / Hello Lonely Woman / Ain't It The Truth / Bad News / One Thing / Your Love Is Good To Me / Sunny Inside / Life In The City / Soul Of A Woman / This Note's For You

SET TWO: / Welcome To The Big Room / Find Another Shoulder / High Heel Shoes / Hello Lonely Woman / Ain't It The Truth / Bad News / One Thing / Your Love Is Good To Me / Sunny Inside / Life In The City / Soul Of A Woman / This Note's For You / Don't Take Your Love Away From Me


From: &

11-12-1987, Early Show, The Old Fillmore, San Francisco, California
w/ The Bluenotes

   1. Welcome To The Big Room
   2. Find Another Shoulder
   3. High Heels
   4. Hello Lonely Woman
   5. Ain't It The Truth
   6. Bad News
   7. One Thing
   8. Your Love Is Good To Me
   9. Sunny Inside
  10. Life In The City
  11. Soul Of A Woman
  12. This Note's For You

Tape Exists :    Yes
Length :    75

11-12-1987, Late Show, The Old Fillmore, San Francisco, California
w/ The Bluenotes

   1. Welcome To The Big Room
   2. Find Another Shoulder
   3. High Heels
   4. Hello Lonely Woman
   5. Ain't It The Truth
   6. Bad News
   7. One Thing
   8. Your Love Is Good To Me
   9. Sunny Inside
  10. Life In The City
  11. Soul Of A Woman
  12. This Note's For You
  13. Don't Take Your Love Away From Me

Tape Exists :    Yes
Length :    90

Tour :    1987 Club Tour with The Bluenotes
Band :    The Bluenotes, Line Up 1
    Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica
    Ben Keith - alto saxophone
    Steve Lawrence - tenor saxophone
    Claude Cailliet - trombone
    Tom Bray - trumpet
    John Fumo - trumpet
    Frank Sampedro - organ, vocals
    Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
    Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
    Larry Cragg - baritone saxophone



U2 1983-11-30 Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo, Japan

U2 - Tokyo 1983-11-30

Source: November 30, 1983 - Tokyo (JAP), Sun Plaza Hall

Sound Quality: Good audience

Lineage : audience > ??? > CDR > EAC (V0.95 BETA 3) > WAV > FLAC FRONTEND (V1.7.1) > FLAC (LEVEL 5)

Total Time : 79:59
Complete Show : YES
File Size : 514 MB (FLAC)
Covers : NO

Track listing:

01. Gloria
02. I Threw A Brick... / A Day Without Me
03. An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart
04. Surrender
05. Two Hearts Beat As One
06. Seconds
07. Sunday Bloody Sunday
08. The Cry / The Electric Co.
09. I Fall Down
10. October
11. New Year's Day
12. Out Of Control
13. A Celebration
14. 11 O'clock Tick-Tock
15. "40"

* Terms of use :
* - Do NOT sell this recording.
* - Do NOT encode this recording to mp3 (or other lossy formats) except for personal use.


David Bowie 1973-05-16 Green's Playhouse, Glasgow, Scotland

Green's Playhouse, Glasgow, Scotland
May - 18 - 1973, Matinee

unknown gen tape TDK AD90 (Noggin) received from Steveboy

cass transfer via Akai GX-75 tapedeck -> Magix Audio & Music Lab -> edit/remaster -> flac 16/44,1

vg- sound after some EQ was done (some sound differences between songs were levelled). Running fast - speed adjustment with factor of 93% (thanks to steve23yh).

This recording is not bad even it is a quite high gen. And the good thing is that it is not only complete but also sound consistent all through (with the exception of the first track which cuts in and has a different sound during the first seconds).
The taper obviously had a good recording position and kept it for the whole concert. Still there is quite some hiss as I had to lift the higher frequencies but as I find very well listenable.
The show itself is really nice and has some great versions of Memory Of A Free Festival and Width Of A Circle. The total running time of 85 min. also proves that the band was in good mood.

Some photos of that day from Glasgow are attached while it is not clear if they are from the matinee or evening show.

Setlist (85:03 min.):

01 Hang On To Yourself
02 Ziggy Stardust
03 Watch That Man
04 Quicksand
05 Live On Mars?
06 Memory Of A Free Festival
07 The Prettiest Star
08 Moonage Daydream
09 Changes
10 Space Oddity
11 The Jean Genie
12 Time
13 The Width Of A Circle
14 Let's Spend The Night Together
15 Drive In Saturday
16 Panic In Detroit
17 Suffragette City
18 encore call
19 Cracked Actor
20 Rock'n'Roll Suicide

The Band:

David Bowie                          vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mick Ronson                         guitar, vocals
Trevor Bolder                        bass
Mick "Woody" Woodmansey  drums
Mike Garson                         keyboards
John Hutchinson                    rhythm guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar
Geoffrey A. MacCormack      backing vocals, percussion
Ken Fordham                        saxophone
Brian Wilshaw                       saxophone, flute

Uploaded to BowieStation by Learm on April 10th 2020




Rick Wakeman 2003-11-02 20th Century Theatre Cincinnati, OH

Rick Wakeman
Journey to the 20th Century
2 November 2003
20th Century Theatre
Cincinnati, OH

Sony MZ-R70 MD with Core Sound Binaural mics, optically
transferred to hard drive from Sony MXD-D400 deck via M-Audio
Transit USB, edited with Cool Edit Pro 2.0, tracked with
Wave Repair, SHN'd with mkwACT, sector boundaries verified with shntool.

Disc 1
01 Pachelbel, Canon in D  05:04
02 unbelievable but true  01:09
03 Buy a Broom/Elgin Mansions  06:07
04 I've got a magnificent organ  12:59
05 Wonderous Stories/The Meeting  06:54
06 the truth is they're crap  01:08
07 Nursery Rhyme Concerto  03:45
08 Douglas Harbour  05:01
09 Catherine Howard  06:57
10 Mum and friends  05:12
11 karaoke  00:49
12 The Recollection/The Dance of a Thousand Lights  09:59
13 audience participation  03:10
14 Merlin the Magician  06:05
Total time: 74:18

Disc 2
01 KGB Uniform  11:37
02 composing "Children of Chernobyl"  02:07
03 Children of Chernobyl  05:06
04 perils of signing autographs  03:50
05 The Hymn/And You And I  05:02
06 and I never got paid . . .  04:55
07 Morning Has Broken  03:28
08 even when I got arrested it wasn't normal  04:14
09 intro to Jane  00:36
10 Jane Seymour  03:59
11 McCartney à la Saint-Saëns and Prokofiev  01:11
12 Help/Eleanor Rigby  09:09
13 you know I'm bloody hiding behind that curtain  01:05
14 Debussy, Clair De Lune  02:37
Total time: 58:56

Comments: a few clips in Jane Seymour; a manual-advance
camera behind me is heard at a couple of points.





Roger Waters 2006-10-05 Hollywood Bowl Hollywood, CA


DSM6 -> PACLC -> M1
DA20 -> CDRW700 -> EAC -> Soundforge -> FLAC Frontend Level 8

set 1

01. -intro-
02. In The Flesh
03. Mother
04. Set the Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
05. Shine on You Crazy Diamond
06. Have A Cigar
07. Wish You Were Here
08. Southampton Dock
09. The Fletcher Memorial Home
10. Perfect Sense
11. Leaving Beirut
12. Sheep

set 2

01. -intro-
02. Speak To Me/Breathe
03. On The Run
04. Time > Breathe reprise
05. Great Gig In The Sky
06. Money
07. Us And Them
08. Any Colour You Like
09. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse
11. -introductions-
12. Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)
13. Vera
14. Bring The Boys Back Home
15. Comfortably Numb 



Thin Lizzy 1983-04-30 Johanneshovs Isstadion (Hovet) Stockholm, Sweden


Audience Recording

Date: 1983-04-30
Venue: Johanneshovs Isstadion (Hovet)
City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden

Quality : Audience Recording
Linage: The Tape (low gen) > Mac > Soundstudio > Aiff > Flac

The Set:

01. Thunder & Lightning
02. Waiting For An Alibi
03. Jailbreak
04. Baby Please Don't Go
05. This Is The One
06. Angel Of Death
07. Are You Ready
08. Holy War
09. The Sun Goes Down
10. Cold Sweat
11. Cowboy Song
12. The Boys Are Back In Town
13. Suicide
14. Sha La La
15. Emerald
16. Baby Drives Me Crazy
17. Still In Love With you
18. Rosalie/
19. Whiskey In The Jar/
20. Dancing In The Moonlight/
21. Rosalie

Uploaded on DIME November 2009 by 12Bar



Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 1984-08-27 Alabamahalle, Munich, West Germany

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Alabamahalle, Munich, West Germany

Sennheiser KD 2002 Mics -> Sony TCD-5 (Dolby B)
Sony TCD-5 -> Fostex CDR Stanalone Recorder - CDR -> EAC - TLH

Scuttle Buttin
Voodoo Chile
Cold Shot
Couldn't Stand The Weather
Pride & Joy
Tin Pan Alley
Love Struck
Mary had a little Lamb
Things I Used To Do
Tell Me
Honey Bee
Texas Flood
Little Wing

This is an audience recording of the famous "Live aus dem Alabama" TV show recorded by JormaJeff & myself. A part of this was aired via the "Bayrischer Rundfunk" TV show "Live aus dem Alabama".Unfortunately they aired just 45 minutes of this. As far as I remember they even did not film and /or record the complete show.
In the middle of Scuttle Buttin'some guy pushed me so there's a short cut. As I did not check the situation properly that time there's a few seconds missing. The rest should be fine and it's worth the listen.

In 1986 I saw SRV again (again in Munich) - one of the best shows I ever witnessed. This 1986 set is almost 160 minutes long and the guy was in incredible mood - long guitar jams, not that much song-based! Unfortunately the tape isn't that perfect. If this might be of interest I will set this up here too sometime later (it was on the tracker several years ago).



Unisonic 2014--09-06 Umeda Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan

Umeda Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan
Sept 6. 2014

Silver CD from No Limit->Cubase 5 for extraction->TLH for flac conversion->You

Title: The Kingdom for Osaka


Venite 2.0
For the Kingdom
My Sanctuary
Never Too Late
Your Time Has Come
Star Rider
When the Deed Is Done
King for a Day
March of Time
(Helloween cover)

Guitar Solo (Kai Hansen)
Throne of the Dawn
She's Not You (Elvis Presley cover)
Don't Cry Daddy (Elvis Presley cover)
We Rise

I Want Out (Helloween cover)

Source is audience but sound is very good.

Feel free to trade and share
keep original information.
buy official stuff and go to concert
Do not convert in lossy format



Grateful Dead 1987-08-22 Calavaras County Fairgrounds Angel's Camp, CA(UltraMatrix103628)

This is a tagged version of shnid: 103628

Grateful Dead
August 22, 1987
Calavaras County Fairgrounds  
Angel's Camp, CA

Recording Info:

Transfer Info:
PCM -> Peak -> Samplitude Professional v10.1 -> FLAC
(2 Discs Audio / 2 Discs FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
December 12, 2008

-- Schoolgirl and Midnight Hour with Carlos Santana

--Set 1--
101-d1t01 - Touch of Grey ->
102-d1t02 - Little Red Rooster
103-d1t03 - Tons of Steel
104-d1t04 - Friend of the Devil
105-d1t05 - My Brother Esau
106-d1t06 - Tennessee Jed
107-d1t07 - When I Paint My Masterpiece ->
108-d1t08 - Bird Song
109-d1t09 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
110-d1t10 - In The Midnight Hour

--Set 2--
201-d2t01 - Hell In A Bucket
202-d2t02 - When Push Comes To Shove
203-d2t03 - Estimated Prophet ->
204-d2t04 - Eyes Of The World ->
205-d2t05 - Drums ->
206-d2t06 - Space ->
207-d2t07 - The Other One ->
208-d2t08 - Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad ->
209-d2t09 - Throwing Stones ->
210-d2t10 - Turn On Your Lovelight

211-d2t11 - U.S. Blues



J Geils Blues Band 1968-09-00 New Penelope Club, Montreal, Canada

J Geils Blues Band
New Penelope Club, Montreal, Canada
September 1968


Peter Wolf's Master Reel 3 3/4ips 1/4 track --> Maxell UD35-90 7 1/2ips 1/4 track (Revox B77) --> Tascam CD-RW2000 --> EAC --> CDWAV --> FLAC

1st Set

1. dust my broom
2. Look over yonder
3. Slow Blues Jam
4. You Don't Love Me
5. Orange Driver
6. Something you got
7. Smokestack lightin'  (w/ band into in middle)
8. Rock me Baby

2nd set

1. Blues Instrumental
2. Somebody's gotta go
3. Help me
4. Peter Wolf Into
5. everythings gonna be alright
6. It hurts me too
7. Black Night
8. Do The Funky Broadway??  (w/ band into at end)

J. Geils - guitar
Peter Wolf - vocals
Danny Klein - bass
Pittsfield Slim aka Magic Dick (Dick Salwitz) - harp
Steven Bladd - drums

Heads were aligned for optimum playback. I never used noise reduction.

As with all Digital releases, this is for free trade or blank media trade only.
Not to be bought or sold. Keep the spirit of trading alive and well.
Nothing has been edited out or EQ'd.



Blue Oyster Cult 1999-03-01 Schooners Lancaster, CA

Lancaster, CA, USA



additional lineage: 48 kHz to 44.1 kHz conversion with r8brain by Scabbyman (December 2014)


01 Intro
02 Burnin' For You
03 Cities On Flame
04 E.T.I.
05 Harvest Moon
06 Buck's Boogie
07 Take Me Away
08 Flaming Telepaths
09 See You In Black
10 Astronomy
11 In Thee
12 OD'd On Life Itself
13 Godzilla
14 (Don't Fear) The Reaper
15 We've Gotta Get Outta This Place
16 Jailbreak
17 The Red & The Black

This show is another from the collection of Smores' who is working to get many old shows transferred and uploaded for others to enjoy.
Some of these shows are seeing the light of day after all of these years- some for the first time since they were taped!
He is currently searching for ANY Warrior Soul, Saigon Kick, Tegan and Sara, Filter, Rose Tattoo, Wildhearts, or Antigone Rising shows.
Also looking for leads to UNCIRCULATED Foo Fighters, UFO or Nine Inch Nails MASTERS. Contact him on DIME if you can help. Thanks



David Lee Roth 2003-09-17 Keswick Theatre Glenside, PA

David Lee Roth
Keswick Theatre
Glenside, PA
September 17, 2003

Recorded by Ncarbo & Wklitz

Source: Schoeps MK4V's>Schoeps VMS02IB>Sony SBM-1>Sony PCM-M1>soundforge 8 (Slight high frequency boost)>CDWAV>FLAC

Hot For Teacher
Mean Street
Just Like Paradise
Running With The Devil
Really Got Me
California Girls
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
The Cradle Will Rock
Just A Gigalo
Crazy From The Heat
Shoo Bop
Theme From Shaft
Dance The Night Away
Yankee Rose
Ice Cream Man
Everybody Wants Some
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

*** Dave Cuts his head open in the middle of jump while doing his martial arts, finished the song without skipping a beat, while holding a towel over his cut, immediately after the show he was rushed to Abington Memorial Hospital for Stitches and he had to cancel the rest of the tour. 



Graham Nash 1980-03-28 Pantages Theatre Hollywood, CA

Graham Nash
Pantages Theatre, Hollywood CA
March 28, 1980

Source : Audience Recording > unknown lineage > CD-R (courtesy of M.R. archive)

Transfer : Sound Forge (volume adjustment) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) > Flac 8

Traders Den - April 5, 2020

posted by kingrue upload #2455

This comes from a CD rip, that was already tracked.

I adjusted the volume and titled the tracks.

I'm not sure who's playing drums and bass, possibly Russell Kunkel and Freebo.

We have special guests David Crosby & Jackson Browne

Thanks to Mauro for the CD rip, check samples for quality.

Band line up
Graham Nash - vocals
Joel Bernstein - guitar
David Lindley - stringed instruments
Craig Doerge - keyboards
?? - drums, percussion
?? - bass

special guests
David Crosby - vocals, guitar
Jackson Browne - vocals, guitar

Total Time = 01:30:35

Set list
01 Military Madness
02 Southbound Train
03 Out On The Island
04 Just A Song Before I Go
05 Skychild
06 Barrel Of Pain
07 Right Between The Eyes (David Lindley)
08 Pavanne (Joel Bernstein)
-- tape break --
09 Wild Tales
10 Magical Child
11 The Crow On The Cradle (Jackson Browne)
12 Our House
13 Wind On The Water (David Crosby)
14 Cathedral (Craig Doerge)
15 Chicago
16 Power
17 Teach Your Children (w/Crosby Browne Lindley)
18 Simple Man (w/Crosby Browne Lindley)
19 In The 80's (w/Crosby Browne Lindley)



KIss 1999-03-22 Palais Omnisports De Paris Paris, France


Psycho circus
Shout it out loud
Do you love me?
Shock me
Let me go, rock 'n' roll
Calling Dr. Love
Into the void
Ace's solo
King of the night time world
God of thunder
Peter's solo
I was made for lovin' you
Love gun
100,000 years
Rock and roll all nite


Detroit rock city
Black diamond



Led Zeppelin 1973-05- 18 Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX

Led Zeppelin, Memorial Auditorium
May 18, 1973, Dallas, Texas

Soundboard recording
Master > Cassette > DAT

1. Rock and Roll
2. Celebration Day
3. Black Dog
4. Over The Hills and Far Away
5. Misty Mountain Hop
6. Since I've Been Loving You
7. No Quarter
8. The Song Remains the Same
9. The Rain Song
10. Dazed and Confused
11. Stairway to Heaven


Pink Floyd 1975-06-28 Ivor Wynne Stadium Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Steel Breeze (HRVCDR 013)


Pink Floyd
Steel Breeze
Harvested CDR 013

Recorded live at Ivor Wynne Stadium on the 28th of June 1975 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Disc 1
1 Raving And Drooling                      12:42
2 You've Gotta Be Crazy                    13:25
3 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)   12:30
4 Have A Cigar                              4:54
5 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)   12:05
6 Speak To Me                               3:02
7 Breathe                                   3:01
8 On The Run                                5:02
9 Time                                      6:32

Disc 2
1 The Great Gig In The Sky                  6:35
2 Money                                     9:10
3 Us And Them                               7:24
4 Any Colour You Like                       8:52
5 Brain Damage                              3:53
6 Eclipse                                   2:11
7 Tuning Up                                 1:24
8 Echoes                                   29:35

These are the original SHNs distributed by Harvested





John Lennon The Lost Lennon Tapes Episode 195-196


91-42: The F.B.I. Files (October 14-20, 1991)
Power To The People
Surprise, Surprise
John Sinclair
Memphis - The Beatles
What Goes On - The Beatles
Revolution - The Beatles
Misery - The Beatles
Street Fighting Man - The Rolling Stones
[Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones (partial)]
Attica State
Revolution [1]

91-43: The Playboy Interview, Pt. 3 (October 21-27, 1991)
P.S. I Love You
Please Please Me
From Me To You
It's Only Love
Do You Want To Know A Secret
Drive My Car
The Word
Day Tripper
Hey Bulldog
I'm A Loser [not on record]
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Dig A Pony
I've Got A Feeling
Don't Let Me Down
The Long And Winding Road


Neil Young 1987-11-12 The Old Fillmore, San Francisco, CA(Late)

Neil Young and The Bluenotes
The Old Fillmore, San Francisco, California
1987-11-12 (Late)

Lineage: Audience Analogue Master>DAT...DAT>Hard Disk (via SPDIF)>Cool Edit 2000 (Resample to 44.1kHz)>CDR

Notes: Having dug out my Bluenotes archive to post the 1988-04-19 New York show, I also thought I'd post this simply because in my opinion its the best sounding tape of the Bluenotes club tour shows (certainly of the shows I have).  I've only posted the late set - for this first Bluenotes tour the same 12 songs were played in both sets with Don't Take Your Love Away From Me added as an an encore of the late. On this tape you also get an audience rendition of Happy Birthday for Neil! If there's interest in the early set (same taper, same quality), I'll post it later. I don't know if this show has been posted before, but as with any show I post, there is direct lineage to the audience master.

Thanks to the taper for sharing his master. Enjoy!


1.    Happy Birthday
2.    Welcome To The Big Room
3.    Find Another Shoulder
4.    High Heels
5.    Hello Lonely Woman
6.    Ain't It The Truth
7.    Bad News
8.    One Thing
9.    Your Love Is Good To Me
10.    Sunny Inside
11.    Life In The City
12.    Soul Of A Woman
13.    This Note's For You
14.    Don't Take Your Love Away From Me

Band :  The Bluenotes, Line Up 1

    Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica
    Ben Keith - alto saxophone
    Steve Lawrence - tenor saxophone
    Claude Cailliet - trombone
    Tom Bray - trumpet
    John Fumo - trumpet
    Frank Sampedro - organ, vocals
    Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
    Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
    Larry Cragg - baritone saxophone



Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers and Exile Sessions (RSKinno Box 07)(11CDS)

Details in the artwork.


U2 1983-11-29 Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan
November 29, 1983
"War In Tokyo"

Source: CD-R > EAC > Wav-Files > FLAC frontend > Flac-Files (Level 6)

Disc 1 (45:31)
01. Gloria
02. I Threw A Brick / A Day Without Me
03. An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart
04. Surrender
05. Two Hearts Beat As One
06. Seconds
07. Sunday Bloody Sunday
08. The Cry / Electric Co.

Disc 2 (36:52)
01. I Fall Down
02. October
03. New Year's Day
04. Out Of Control
05. A Celebration
06. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock/I Will Follow
07. 40

The last night of U2's Japan swing. The overall sound of this recording is very good. All instruments come through clearly. Audience is a bit noisy but normally only between the songs. There are some slight volume fluctuations audible.

Compiled by Sammy69 a.k.a. mifra66



Neil Young 1987-11-04 Cocoanut Grove Santa Cruz, CA

Neil Young & the Blue Notes
Cocoanut Grove - Santa Cruz, CA

Source: AUD > Master Cassettes > CD > EAC> FLAC

Recorded by: Yer local SC yocal :)

Seeded by: Mike Tausig (mike at tausig dot net)

Disc 1:

01: Welcome To the Big Room
02: Find Another Shoulder
03: High Heels
04: Hello Lonely Woman
05: Ain't It the Truth
06: Your Love Is Good To Me
07: One Thing
08: Don't Take Your Love Away From Me
09: Sunny Inside
10: Life In the City
11: Soul Of A Woman
12: This Note's For You

Disc 2:

01: Welcome To the Big Room
02: Find Another Shoulder
03: High Heels
04: Hello Lonely Woman
05: Ain't It the Truth
06: Your Love Is Good To Me
07: Bad News
08: One Thing
09: Sunny Inside
10: Life In the City
11: Soul Of A Woman

Disc 3:
(LATE SHOW cont'd)

01: This Note's For You
02: Don't Take Your Love Away From Me

Comments (12/28/06):

This run of shows at the Cocoanut Grove (11/2,3,4/87) was among the most fun I
ever had at Neil shows.  The Grove is a great, small venue, with o.k. acoustics,
and right near the ocean.  Lots of good times had, and nice to have 3 nights, of
two shows a piece!!!

Hope you enjoyed this run of shows!


For the details on FLAC and the software needed to decompress these files go to:



Bob Dylan 1991-11-09 Memorial Hall Dayton, OH (LB 07402)

Dayton, Ohio
Memorial Hall

9 November 1991

01 - Maggie's Farm
02 - The Man In Me
03 - All Along The Watchtower
04 - Confidential (Dolinda Morgan)
05 - Watching The River Flow
06 - Gotta Serve Somebody
07 - When I Paint My Masterpiece
08 - To Be Alone With You
09 - Mr. Tambourine Man
10 - Boots Of Spanish Leather
11 - The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
12 - One Too Many Mornings
13 - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
14 - What Good Am I?
15 - Friend Of The Devil (Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter/John Dawson)
16 - Everything Is Broken


17 - The Times They Are A-Changin'
18 - Highway 61 Revisited

Concert # 356 of The Never-Ending Tour.  
Concert # 13 of the 1991 US Fall Tour. 1991 concert # 93.
Concert # 72 with the 5th Never-Ending Tour band:
        Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar),
        John Jackson (guitar),
        Tony Garnier (bass),
        Ian Wallace (drums).

9-12, 17  acoustic with the band.
3, 7, 9-12, 14, 16, 17  Bob Dylan harmonica.

You like an old song? Coming out in video ... (after Confidential).
Thank you everybody. That was my art song for tonight. True story, yeah, autobiographical. Most of my songs are autobiographical. I wish (bet?) you could ???? them. (after When I Paint My Masterpiece).
Thanks everybody! Neil Young just told me he recorded that. He'll put it on his new ??? album. (after To Be Alone With You).
I'll be your baby tonight... Well, it's just tonight though. Ending soon... This is my song about the rain forests. This is my one song that is politically correct, Oh, incorrect that is. This is politically incorrect. Most of my other ones are mostly correct. (before What Good Am I?).

Stereo audience recording, 95 minutes.

LB-07402 ; 46min+51min ; 2CDR ; Rating: B+
11/9/91 Dayton, Ohio

legendary taper F

cut before Boots Of Spanish Leather
last 4 tracks diff source

Sennheiser MKE2002 -> cassette master -> DAT - clone ->(digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496
   -> Wavelab -> ssrc -> cdwave for tracking -> tlh

I did not harm the sound of the recording in any way
bittorrent download 04/09; has heavy tv band on d2t9;
different recording than mjs LB-0875 based on different crowd at beginning of d1t2;
in comparison this is a little harsher and a little fuller sound;
sound quality gets a little worse on d2t7 to d2t9; very good to excellent sound [B+]
drop/cut between cdrs
1 Maggie's Farm, 2 The Man In Me, 3 All Along The Watchtower, 4 Confidential (Dolinda Morgan), 5 Watching The River Flow, 6 Gotta Serve Somebody, 7 When I Paint My Masterpiece, 8 To Be Alone With You, 9 Mr. Tambourine Man,

1 Boots Of Spanish Leather, 2 The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, 3 One Too Many Mornings, 4 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, 5 What Good Am I?, 6 Friend Of The Devil (Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter/John Dawson), 7 Everything Is Broken, 8 The Times They Are A-Changin', 9 Highway 61 Revisited



Nightwish 2012-04-23 Jahrhunderhalle Höchst Frankfurt am Main, Germany





Jahrhunderhalle Höchst
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
April 23, 2012

Source: Audience Zoom H2 Recording
Taped by: SF
Transferred by: SF

Zoom H2 > 16/44 > Internal Mics Rear 120 > CD Wave > dbPowerAmp > Flac Level 8


Anette Olzon - Vocals
Emppu Vuorinen - Guitar
Marco Hietala - Bass, Vocals
Tuomas Holopainen - Keyboard
Jukka Nevalainen - Drums
Troy Donockley - Pipes

01 Intro - Taikatalvi
02 Storytime
03 Wish I Had An Angel
04 Amaranth
05 Scaretale
06 Slow, Love, Slow
07 I Want My Tears Back
08 Come Cover Me
09 The Crow, The Owl And The Dove
10 The Islander
11 Nemo

12 Last Of The Wilds
13 Planet Hell
14 Ghost River
15 Dead To The World
16 Over The Hills And Far Away (Gary Moore Cover)
17 Encore Break
18 Finlandia (Jean Sibelius Cover)
19 Song Of Myself
20 Last Ride Of The Day
21 Outro - Imaginaerum


Nitte Valo - Vocals
Anton Kabanen - Guitar, Vocals
Juuso Soinio - Guitar
Eero Sipilä - Bass, Vocals
Janne Björkroth - Keyboard
Pyry Vikki - Drums

01 Justice And Metal (incomplete)
02 Armageddon Clan
03 Cyberspace
04 Steel
05 Iron Hand
06 Victory
07 Enter The Metal World
08 Show Me How To Die


Miss E.  - Violin
y Scarlett - Violin
Helena - Cello
Viola  - Viola

01 Wonderful Life (HURTS)
02 In the End (LINKIN PARK)
03 New Moon-Theme (Theme from “Eclipse-New Moon”)
06 Cloudbusting (KATE BUSH)
07 Paparazzi (LADY GAGA)
09 Mumbai-Theme (Theme from “Bombay”)
10 Clocks (COLDPLAY)

11 The Man who sold the World (DAVID BOWIE)
12 The Godfather-Theme (Theme from “The Godfather”)

NOTES: SF Master Recording Series !

Thanks WIM For Fantastic Artwork !

Please Feel Free To Remaster !

Do NOT Encode To MP3 Or Any Other Lossy Compression Format !

This Is Intended For Free Trade Only.

Do Not Buy Or Sell !

Support The Band Buying Their Stuff !

Visit & Enjoy Forthcoming Shows !



Black Sabbath 1980-11-27 Capitol Theatre Sydney, Australia

Black Sabbath
Capitol Theatre
Sydney, Australia
Stereo soundboard recording
DBP edition*

SBD (stereo) > analog master cassette tape > unknown high-end transfer equipment > DAT > unknown high-end transfer equipment > analog metal cassette tape > unknown high-end tape deck > Sony SBM converter > PC > moderate editing and mastering by Digital Bitch Productions (DBP) > 2xCDR  > PC > WAV > FLAC > Dime > you

Running time:
90:25 min

Included (created by DBP)

Many thanks to Digital Bitch Productions (DBP)! As for the lineage: DBP (located in Germany) were contacted by an Australian fan who told them that his friend had purchased the original analog master tape of this show, recorded from the SBD, and had already transferred that tape to DAT using high-end equipment. DBP responded by asking if they could get a DAT or CDR copy of the DAT tape. For some reason though, the Australian fans were unable to do that. Instead, the DAT tape was transferred to a high-quality analog metal cassette tape that was sent to Germany. As soon as it arrived, DBP transferred it to digital and moderately mastered it.

This is an excellent-sounding stereo SBD recording. Geoff's keyboards are clearly audible, which sounds - as usual - a bit funny sometimes. The biggest flaw of this recording is that Children of the Grave wasn't taped, and the beginnings of both Heaven and Hell and Paranoid are missing as well.

Other non-commercial versions of this SBD recording that I have checked were all known or unknown higher generation copies (except one that seemed to be more or less a digital copy of this one, but never made it to Dime). The commercial bootlegs I have checked were either edited down to ~75 min to fit one CD by removing the guitar solo ("Burning the Cross", "We Blind the Sky", "Bringer of Evil") or had the guitar solo added from a higher generation tape ("Bringer of Evil - Definitive Edition", "Under The Southern Cross"). This DBP edition, in contrast, contains the guitar solo in the exact same quality as everything else. The only commercial release that I haven't been able to track down, "Ausie Knights" (Smooth Dancer), is likely a copy of the DBP edition. Anyway, if anyone owns "Ausie Knights", please let me know. I would be very interested in getting a FLAC rip and compare it.

101. Supertzar (intro) (01:11 min)
102. War Pigs (07:24 min)
103. Neon Knights (04:45 min)
104. N.I.B (05:37 min)
105. Children of the Sea (06:30 min)
106. Sweet Leaf (03:58 min)
107. Drum solo (03:10 min)
108. Sweat Leaf (cont.) (02:16 min)
109. Black Sabbath (09:38 min)
201. Heaven and Hell (cuts in) (16:44 min)
202. Iron Man (07:07 min)
203. Guitar solo (13:19 min)
204. Die Young (05:17 min)
205. Paranoid (cuts in) + Heaven and Hell (reprise) (03:29 min)

Tony Iommi - Guitars
Ronnie James Dio (RIP) - Vocals
Geezer Butler - Bass
Vinny Appice - Drums
Geoff Nicholls (RIP) - Keyboards 


AC/DC 1985-11-09 Civic Coliseum Knoxville, TN

AC/DC Civic Coliseum Knoxville TN 1985-11-09
Sony WM-W800 w/supplied stereo condenser mic > TDK D-90 >
Pioneer CT-W770 > Phillips CDR200 > CDR > EAC > Flac
Taped by Jerry B. aka "The Govner"

Disc 1
Track01 Fly On The Wall
Track02 Back In Black
Track03 Shake Your Foundations
Track04 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Track05 You Shook Me All Night Long
Track06 Sin City
Track07 Jailbreak (flip)

Disc 2
Track1 The Jack
Track2 Shoot To Thrill
Track3 Highway To Hell
Track4 Sink The Pink
Track5 Whole Lotta Rosie
Track6 Let There Be Rock (flip)
Track7 T.N.T.
Track8 For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)



Queen 1979-03-01 Pavillion de Paris Paris, France

Pavillion de Paris
March 1st 1979

Video Source: VHS Master>Low Gen VHS (1st or 2nd)>DVDR
Video Bitrate: 6345 kbps
DVD Length: 1:02:57
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Bitrate: 48000Hz  192 kb/s , mono

We Will Rock You (Fast)
Let Me Entertain You
Somebody To Love
Fat Bottomed Girls
You're My Best Friend
Now I'm Here
Don't Stop Me Now
If You Can't Beat Them
Spread Your Wings
Dreamer's Ball
Bohemian Rhapsody
Tie Your Mother Down
Sheer Heart Attack
Total Time: 1:02:57

This is by far the best version I've seen of Paris 79, this is the QTV version which is very crisp and clean, no vhs generation to speak of. This is one of the better video documents of the Live Killers era. Maybe one day Queen Productions will release this excellent footage in it's entirety.




Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 1985-07-06 Hemisfair Arena Convention Center San Antonio, TX

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

Hemisfair Arena
Convention Center
San Antonio, Texas
July 6, 1985

A longtime collector shared his Petty collection with me, and this is one of his shows. All I have done is split it into tracks and export to 16/44.1 .flac

I don't have its lineage but it is an audience recording.

.wav > Audacity (to split tracks) > flac > you

A big thanks to Mauro for sharing his collection.

01 American Girl
02 Listen To Her Heart
03 Dog On The Run
04 You Got Lucky
05 It Ain't Nothin' To Me
06 Don't Do Me Like That
07 The Waiting
08 I Need To Know
09 The Best Of Everything
10 A Change Of Heart
11 Don't Come Around Here No More
12 Spike
13 Southern Accents
14 Rebels
15 Breakdown
16 Refugee
17 Little Bit A' Soul (cut)


Grateful Dead 1987-08-20 Park West Ski Area Park City, UT(UltraMatrix 140236)

 This is a tagged version of shnid: 140236

Grateful Dead
August 20, 1987
Park West Ski Area
Park City, UT

Recording Info:
UltraMatrix SBD > Cassette Master (TDK MA-R90)

Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi CR-7A) > Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.8 MHz) >
KORG AudioGate 4 > Samplitude Pro X3 Suite > FLAC/24
(1 Disc FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
December 5, 2017

-- Two sets of masters were used to make this show complete
-- This file set is 16 bit

--Set 1--
101-01 - Tuning
102-02 - The Addams Family
103-03 - Big Boss Man >
104-04 - Promised Land
105-05 - Dire Wolf
106-06 - New Minglewood Blues
107-07 - Row Jimmy
108-08 - It's All Over Now
109-09 - Loser
110-10 - Cassidy
111-11 - When Push Comes To Shove

--Set 2--
201-12 - Tuning
202-13 - China Cat Sunflower >
203-14 - I Know You Rider
204-15 - Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
205-16 - Ship Of Fools
206-17 - Truckin' >
207-18 - Smokestack Lightning >
208-19 - Drums >
209-20 - Space >
210-21 - The Wheel >
211-22 - Gimme Some Lovin' >
212-23 - All Along The Watchtower >
213-24 - Stella Blue >
214-25 - Sugar Magnolia

215-26 - Encore Break
216-27 - The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)



ARW (Anderson Rabin Wakeman 2016-11-22 Orpheum Theater Los Angeles, CA


Anderson Rabin Wakeman (ARW)
Orpheum Theater
Los Angeles, CA

Jon Anderson - vocals, percussion, harp
Trevor Rabin - guitar, vocals
Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Lee Pomeroy - bass, vocals
Lou Molino III - drums, vocals

A Kitty Lickin' Discs Production

Disc One
 1. Cinema
 2. Perpetual Change
 3. Hold On
 4. I've Seen All Good People
 5. Drum Solo
 6. Lift Me Up
 7. And You And I
 8. Rhythm Of Love
 9. Heart Of The Sunrise
Disc Two
 1. Changes
 2. Long Distance Runaround
 3. The Fish
 4. The Meeting
 5. Awaken
 6. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
 7. Roundabout
Lineage: Most of the show: Unknown video camera > Youtube > KeepVid > Nero AAC Decoder> Wavelab 6.0
patches: BMC-12 Audio Technica mics>Sound Pros battery pack>Roland R-05>Audacity>AIFF>FLAC > Wavelab 6.0

Comments: The majority of this recording is lossy, taken from the CalVid Youtube videos. I patched the beginning and ending of the tracks with interlude2's recording posted on DIME. Neither recording is perfect, as the Youtube source has some major volume fluctuations throughout, and the other recording had it's share of issues as well, as the taper had a faulty battery box. Needless to say, there are some sudden sound changes, as well as some buzzing and hiss between tracks. That being said, I was able to piece together a nearly complete performance. This is missing only the beginning of "Cinema", and the first couple seconds of "Hold On".


Neil Young 13 Days of Neil RustWorks, Vol. 14 Looking Forward


Neil Young
13 Days of Neil
RustWorks, Vol. 14
Looking Forward

I recently acquired Chris Davis’ fantastic Jerry Garcia compilation, “8 Days of Jerome” and thought that somebody should do the same for Neil Young. Well, taking my own advice I embarked on this little project in May 2011 and, hoping others will enjoy it, decided to share. The title, “13 Days of Neil” is an obvious rip-off from Chris and Neil (Lucky 13), but feel free to call it whatever you want. Neil’s birthday is on 11/12 and this set contains 14 volumes. Yeah, it makes no sense.

Vol. 14-Looking Forward  

I can only believe that Neil has many more years of productive songwriting and performing left. To imagine a world in which Neil Young is no longer a part is too, too painful and sad to contemplate. We begin and end, of course, with RITFW; the 1989 Nagoya performance a stark contrast to the 2009 London rendition with its delightful false endings. The two Hitchhikers is another study in contrasts. The trilogy of Love and War, Peaceful Valley Boulevard, and You Never Call, is among the most powerful imagery and singing about loss and death I’ve ever heard from Neil. And unlike TTN, this imagery is fueled by cold stark reality, not tequila and dope. Neil’s reached an age where the finality of death is informing his work in ways it never has before. Indeed, though he’s been surrounded by death and loss his whole life, it is somehow different now. To watch and hear a man struggling to come to terms with his own life so eloquently is extraordinary. A privilege. Rounding out this final volume is Neil’s ode to his guitars, This Old Guitar, with the lovely Emmylou backing him up; Big Time, “I’m still living in dreamtime”; and a plaintive, bittersweet, gorgeous Distant Camera with one of my favorite Neil Young lyrics: “All I need is this song of love, to sing for you.”

Indeed. That’s all we need, too. Thank you, Neil

Rockin' in the Free World (Nagoya, 1989-05-05)
Looking Forward (Sacramento, 1999-03-17)
Old Man (Stray Gators, Toronto, 1973-01-15)
Hitchhiker (Berlin, 2003-04-30)
Hitchhiker (Baltimore, 2011-04-28)
Love and War (Chicago, 2011-05-07)
Peaceful Valley Boulevard (Chicago, 2011-05-07)
You Never Call (Chicago, 2011-05-07)
This Old Guitar (Prairie Wind Band, Tinley Park, 2005-09-18)
Distant Camera (Oakland, 1999-03-20)
Big Time (Crazy Horse, Live Oak, 1997-08-23)
Rockin' in the Free World (Electric Band, London, 2009-06-27)
Complete Day (Copenhagen, 2003-04-27)

The selection process for this compilation was quite simple. I attempted to pace the songs in a loose chronological order, creating counterpoint with slow and uptempo tunes, and above all include versions of songs that I can enjoy over and over. In that sense, this is more of a retrospective than a greatest hits or best of compilation. Basically, it’s just a bunch of songs that just seem to go well together. Of course, the fact that Neil is so prolific made this project fairly mind-boggling simply in terms of available material. Clearly, I avoided any officially released material, or any that was likely to be released in the foreseeable future.

This collection is also a showcase for the great people and bands with whom Neil has played over the years: Danny, Bert, Nicolette, all those Nashville players, Crazy Horse, the Stray Gators and Santa Monica Flyers, the Springfield, CSN, Pegi. Listen closely and you’ll hear all of them at one point or another. This goes out to Long Grain in particular. If not for Ben Keith, I fear there would be no Neil Young as we’ve come to know, and love, him.

A word about compilations: I compiled these performances for my personal listening pleasure, and share them for the same reason. There are many Neil Young compilations available out there: “Archives be Damned 2000” (and 2006), “Acoustic Masterpieces,” “A Perfect Echo.” Of course, the one must-have compilation is the officially released “Archives.” Nothing beats the original tracks themselves. This compilation is not meant to replace any of the aforementioned. It, simply, is what it is.

I urge you to seek out the original performances (they’re all available somewhere). Thank you so much to the original tapers and uploaders and all who share this great music (what we do here at DIME is a rare and precious thing). And, of course, thanks, Neil.

November 2011

Lineage: All recordings obtained from various torrent sites (DIME, Trader’s Den, HungerCity, TapeCity, Zomb): FLAC > WAV > CD-R > FLAC (8) > DIME
Notes on Sound Quality: All Audience Recordings except as noted, the SQ is Excellent to Excellent+ throughout except*
*SQ is Fair to good
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U2 1984-10-18 Halle Tony Garnier Lyon, France

1984-10-18 Lyon , Halle Tony Garnier, France

General Informations :
Name : Live from Lyon 10.18.1984
Tour : Unforgettable Fire Tour
Leg : Leg 2 - Europe
Date : 10.18.1984
Country : France
Town : Lyon
Place : Espace Tony Garnier
Type : Audio
Support : CD-R
Performance : Live
Source : Audience
Integral : Complete
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Setlist :
Disc 1 (1:12.55)
1. Intro : 4th Of July
2. M L K
3. The Unforgettable Fire
4. Surrender
5. Two Hearts Beat As One
6. Seconds
7. Sunday Bloody Sunday
8. The Cry/electric Co.
9. Bad
10. Indian Summer Sky
11. October
12. New Year's Day
13. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
14. 11 O'clock Tick Tock
15. I Will Follow
16. Gloria
17. ''40''

Discs Contents
CD 1 & 2 : Lyon - October 18th, 1984


This first concert of the European Leg of the tour
is set in the Halle Tony Garnier Lyon,
who welcomes the opportunity to 17.000 spectators.

Curiously, after the intro of 4th of July,
the group chose to open the concert with MLK,
whose sweetness is not fitting clearly in this place.

After the concerts given in Australia and New Zealand,
priority is given to title the new album,
 including the worldwide release was conducted on 1 October 1984.
The public is more in tune with the older titles that he knows much more,
including through the video Under A Blood Red Sky.
This is especially true of Sunday Bloody Sunday on which many white flags fluttering.

This concert will also hear the first live Bad.
The sequencer and guitar of The Edge seem to be difficult to implement.
The "Wide Awake" which will later yelled, almost whispers are here by Bono.

NOTE: This bootleg features good clarity. However, the sound isn't as crisp and full
as it is on the best recordings from the first European leg of this tour.
The music and vocals are somewhat distant and the overall sound is a bit thin.
 Also, the recordings plays a little fast. There are small pops between the tracks.

Covers and FA included.


I think it is only one hearing this record shows, I'm about to possess in audi k7 tape,
 a little listening to make sure it's the same source, is needed.


Neil Young 1987-11-03 Cocoanut Grove Santa Cruz, CA

Neil Young
11-03-1987, Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz, California
w/ The Bluenotes
Disk 1 (Early show)
    1.     Welcome To The Big Room
    2.     Find Another Shoulder
    3.     High Heels
    4.     Hello Lonely Woman
    5     Ain't It The Truth
    6.     Your Love Is Good To Me
    7.    Don't Take Your Love Away From Me
    8.     Sunny Inside
    9.    Life In The City
    10.    This Note's For You
Disk 2 (Late show)
    1.     Welcome To The Big Room    
    2.    Find Another Shoulder
    3.     High Heels
    4.     Hello Lonely Woman
    5.     Ain't It The Truth
    6.     Band Intros
    7.    One Thing
    9.     Bad News
    10.    Soul Of A Woman
Disk 3 (Late show - cont.)    
    1.     Your Love Is Good To Me
    2     Sunny Inside
    3.     Don't Take Your Love Away From Me
    4.    Life In The City
    5.    This Note's For You    
    6.    This (Other) Note's For You
Tour : 1987 Club Tour with The Bluenotes
Band : The Bluenotes, Line Up 1
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Ben Keith - alto saxophone
Steve Lawrence - tenor saxophone
Claude Cailliet - trombone
Tom Bray - trumpet
John Fumo - trumpet
Frank Sampedro - organ, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
Larry Cragg - baritone saxophone
Source - Audience Nak CM300->Dolby B Maxell MX90 (late show - Fuji FR metal)->Sony TCD5M
Lineage - Master cassettes->Nakamichi Dragon->Audiomedia III->Pro Tools->XACT 1.5b3->flac
I don't think this is too widely circulated. This is a nice recording, recorded from the balcony
near the soundboard. Apparently, Pegi Young was sitting less than 5 feet away from the hidden tape deck
which made flipping the tapes a little hairy.

This setlist is different than what's listed in Ghosts On The Road, but matches a second, lesser quality master
made from near the stage, so I think this is correct. And yes, he played This Note's For You twice in a row to
end the late show.


Eric Clapton 1979-10-06 Stadthalle Vienna, Austria (Beano 16)

Eric Clapton - Blue Sky
Vienna, Austria, Stadthalle
October 6, 1979
Beano 016

Disc 1:
1) Badge
2) If I Don't Be There By Morning
3) Worried Life Blues
4) Tulsa Time
5) Early In The Morning
6) Lay Down Sally
7) Wonderful Tonight
8) Country Boy
9) Double Trouble

Disc 2:
1) Blues Power
2) Knockin' On Heaven's Door
3) After Midnight
4) Sign Language
5) Setting Me Up
6) La La La
7) Motherless Children
8) Cocaine
9) Further On Up The Road

The Band:
Eric Clapton  guitar, vocals
Albert Lee  guitar, vocals
Dave Markee  bass
Henry Spinetti  drums
Chris Stainton  keyboards

Artwork included.
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