Saturday, February 29, 2020

John Lennon The Lost Lennon Tapes Episodes 060-061

Episode 060
89-12: (Almost) Nothing But Beatles & Elvis (March 13-19, 1989)
Lennon & McCartney Discover Elvis
Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley (partial)
That's All Right (Mama) - The Beatles (BBC, 7/16/63)
The Influence Of Elvis On The Beatles
(John, Paul, Ringo & Tony Sheridan)
I Got A Woman - The Beatles (BBC, 8/13/63)
Blue Suede Shoes - The Plastic Ono Band (Live #1, Partial)
Lennon On The Air In Hollywood: "Help!"
The Night Before - The Beatles (Partial)
You're Gonna Lose That Girl - The Beatles
The Fab Four's Audience With The King, 8/27/65 (Mal Evans, John, Paul & Ringo)
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles
[Do The Clam - Elvis Presley (partial)]
Such A Night - Elvis Presley
Hound Dog - John Lennon & Elephant's Memory (Live, 8/30/72)
"It Was Like Meeting Englebert Humperdinck."
That's All Right (Mama) - John Lennon (POB jam: partial)
Mystery Train - John Lennon (unreleased Double Fantasy jam)

Episode 061
89-13: Lennon & The Beatles In The Studio & On The Set (March 20-26, 1989)
Ascot Sound Studios, 1971
[I'm The Greatest - John Lennon (piano demo) (partial)]
I'm The Greatest - John Lennon (unreleased studio demo #2)
Picadilly Studios & Abbey Road, 1965
Ticket To Ride - The Beatles (BBC, 6/7/65)
Yes It Is - The Beatles (partial)
[Yes It Is - The Beatles (take 1)]
The Hit Factory, 1980
I'm Steppin' Out - John Lennon (unreleased MCRT take, partial)
I'm Steppin' Out - John Lennon (unreleased rough mix)
Twickenham Film Studios & Abbey Road, 1965
Walter Shenson Interview
Act Naturally - The Beatles (on the set of Help) [actually the regular studio version]
Help - The Beatles (takes 1 & 5, basic track, unreleased)
[Help - John Lennon (on piano) (partial)]
Abbey Road, One More Time, 1965
Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles (take 4, unreleased)
Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles (partial)


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