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Jackson Browne 1982-07-18 Montreux, Switzerland(FM)

JACKSON BROWNE 1982-07-18 Hold Out In Montreux Remastered FM

Hold Out In Montreaux Remastered
Montreaux, Switzerland

Lineage: CD-R received in trade>EAC secure mode to WAV>TLH to flac level6 SBsaligned>HD

I received this in trade and I'm sorry I don't have any more info, but the sound is excellent. The info I have is from the artwork. According to the artwork, "this is the complete Montreaux show, Remastered 2002.  Tracks are taken from the bootleg, "Lost In The Shuffle." If there's any drop off in sound on the last two tracks, it's minimal. I don't know what was remastered. The spectral frequency analysis does not look lossy.


Disk One

1) Somebody's Baby
2) That Girl Could Sing
3) Fountain Of Sorrow
4) For Everyman
5) Knock On Any Door
6) Your Bright Baby Blues
7) Tender Is The night
8) For A Dancer
9) The Crow On The Cradle
10) Doctor My Eyes

Disk Two

1) Running On Empty
2) Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate
3) The Pretender
4) Hold On Hold Out
5) The Load Out/Stay
6) Late For The Sky
7) The Road And The Sky
8) Boulevard - Audience
9) Before The Deluge - Vinyl Source

Jackson Browne - vocals, piano, guitar
Rick Vito - guitar, vocals
Doug Haywood - guitar, vocals
Danny Kortchmar - guitar
Craig Doerge - keyboards
Russ Kunkel - drums
Bob Glaub - bass

EAC log files, ffp and md5 files included

Artwork included


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