Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Pink Floyd 1980-08-06 Earls Court Exibition Hall Earls Court, London, England(WWRM014)

A WALLweeds production 2004

Earls Court Exibition Hall
Earls Court, London, England
6th August 1980
WALLweed WWRM014

This one came to me as "Live Wall Pts 1+2", but I have no proof of lineage.

CD 1

I repaired the Intro so that it is complete in both channels.

There is a change in tone during the intro where it changes to a more dynamic tone, this is the way the recording came to me.

When this dynamic tone drops in, to me it sounds like stereo, this is why I have put Stereo on the cover.


Then Filters were added at:-
25Hz to 505.6Hz at 1dB
505.6Hz to 2818.1Hz at 1.9dB
2818.1Hz to 7120.3Hz at 5.1dB
7120.3Hz to 21552.1Hz at -0.1dB

All at a scale of 15dB

Enjoy the show.


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